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rdagur 07-20-2017 09:22 PM

no voice on one x with airtell
hi team , i am facing a strange issue since last two weeks .
one of my customer facing strange issue . they use avaya ipo one x on 4 g via IDEA/VODAFONE/RIM but facing issue with AIRTEL .
connected fully no voice with AIRTEL working fine with idea and vodafone.

kirchenlo 07-24-2017 07:50 AM


this will certainly not help you. I have come across similar problems with roaming, and I am sure it is something in the mobile network that prevents this working properly. I would check the IP addresses in the 4G network (on your local mobile phone) and the IP address which is registered on one-x/IP Office, you should then see a different address and this is due to some NAT within the operators network. Check the SIP signalling and you will see that the audio IP addresses might be different compared with your device IP. Till now I couldn’t find a solution for it.

Are you using a SBC?

If no, then maybe consider using the SBC it might fix the problem.

rdagur 07-25-2017 09:00 PM

hi thanks for your reply.
you are right , same here both ip registered show in SSA and my hand set are different.
at customer end we are not using SBC.

in my lab we are using SBC and every thing working ok.
with different ips..

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