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davis124 04-13-2012 12:29 PM

Avaya Interactive Response General Question
Hello All -

I am a total newbie when it comes to the Avaya Interactive Response (AIR system) and I was wondering if this group could answer some general/basic questions?

I understand the basic principle of the AIR system that is the next generation Conversant/IVR, you have Scripts built to be run, and it can help reduce call volumes/cost.

What I am fuzzy on is this:

When a group purchases an AIR System, do they buy it with the idea in mind to just run one type of function off of it? Or can it handle multiple functions/Scripts?

Is there duplication on a system like this and if so, how does it typically work?

What is the max capacity/call volumes that the AIR System can take? How is that typically measured?

In general what type of deployments have people used the AIR System on?

Thanks for any/all your input on this - I work at a Medical Center that is looking to centralize IVR systems, currently each Dept buys a server and runs the application on it and we are hoping that the AIR System can run multiple scripts/applications and do the same function thus consolidating servers. I have loads of experience at switching and voice mail, and we do the interfaces to IVRs but never the IVR itself so it's a learning curve for me.


psree 05-02-2012 02:34 AM

Hi James,

IR supports both TAS and VXML scripts with various integrations/functionalities, like CTI or agent desktop integrations using Avaya Interaction center or Avaya AES servers.

Most of the deployments are on the agent screen pop up or simple Database transactions and more complex like having real time interactions using various speech engines.

The overview of this product can be found here


The capacity will be based on what kind of scripts that will be deployed on the system, you can get more information of this when our Sales team is contacted.

I would also want you to check our latest development in this product which is Avaya Aura Experience Portal which is a VXML based server and can run multiple VXML applications

The feel of this product can be gotten from the below link.


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