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ddritl 08-25-2015 08:13 AM

2011 Signaling error 9608 model phone - After office move
We have a small branch office that before there move to new location phones worked. Onsite is a G430 with 9608 model phones. Along with HP Cores switch with default vlan and voip vlan. Phones join the voip vlan and get correct ip/dhcp options. None of that has changed.

The VOIP WAN provider has said nothing has changed, BUT the phones are getting 2011 signaling error. Once you pickup the handset goes south.

The phones register to our CM at hour home office but it appears the traffic does not come back for the phone to finish. I can telnet to test on port 1720, no firewall. All connectivity looks good pings, tracert look ok...etc.

Any ideas what to check for?


ddritl 08-25-2015 11:15 AM

QOS on the MPLS Router
WAN provider turned off QOS on the router and the phones registered and received their config and were able do dial. Why before the moved they worked not sure.

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