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larse42 02-24-2021 01:23 PM

IX workplace on iOS and using tsapi error??
Hi guys

Hope someone have had better luck then me on this one.

Strange thing is that when using the IX iOS mobile app and you answer the incoming call on TSAPI client and the IX workplace mobile app is in the background and screen it turned off/inactive the call fails and get redirected to the stations cover path.

If the IX app is in the foreground and screen is active, it works as it should when answering the call from the TSAPI client.

Avaya support has closed our SR with the conclusion that it's an Apple callkit restriction blocking the IX mobile app from turning on the screen and establish the audio connection from iOS version 13.3.1 onwards, and there is nothing to do about it other then "hope" that Apple will change the iOS restrictions in the future.

Has anybody come across this and maybe found workarounds or solution to the problem?

milese 03-11-2021 08:12 AM

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taylor99 06-08-2021 04:46 AM

Hello there, had the same problem as you. Don't remember exactly how did we manage to do this, I was saved by one of the expert developers from Sloboda Studio. I think you better ask them for the solution.

mlombardi1 06-10-2021 06:29 AM

This scenario may require an Apple Push Notification (APN) to "wake" the Workplace client when the mobile device is idle. This can be accomplished using an Aura Web Gateway (AAWG) or Session Manager v8.1.3+.

See here on p19 - 22: https://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/101058182


The push notification mechanism enables clients to receive incoming call alerts and other notifications from the Apple Push Notification service (APNs). The push notification service sends notifications automatically. Therefore, an application can receive notifications even when it is suspended or in Sleep mode.

With Release 8.1.3, Session Manager provides telephony push notifications events through Apple Push Notification service (APNs) to Client SDK based iOS applications, such as Avaya Workplace Client for iOS. Session Manager provides push notification events for incoming calls, chat and voice messaging status updates. Avaya Workplace Client for iOS should be on Release 3.14 or later to receive push notification services. Currently the Avaya Aura Web Gateway supports push notification events towards iOS application and you can choose to utilize push notification service on either the Avaya Aura Web Gateway or on Session Manager.

smith2735 08-31-2021 06:29 AM

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