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alexsafonov 10-27-2010 11:40 AM

AIC designer issue
Dear all
having AIC 7.2.2 have two problems:

1) can't reconfigure DB via Database designer. When i press test or run application stuck so i can just close it via X button
2) can't upload workflows. It is compiled, Workflow Designer connects to IC manager and cloeses.

No any errors in log.

any ideas?


vdeo 11-02-2010 11:36 AM


The Data Server Logs will have to checked for this issue for probable time-out errors.

This will require detailed investigation, hence request you to open a trouble ticket with the Support.

piya 12-16-2010 08:02 AM


For my experience, I face same your problem on AIC 7.0.5. I have to use Generate Windows Application instead of Reconfig on Database Administration. It's just upload ccq.adl only. However you can check last update in AIC database (Schema: CCQ, Table name: qw_adl).

Note: I'm not sure AIC 7.0 DB like your IC version.

If you have any update, please let me know.


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