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rime 05-17-2021 08:13 AM

One-X Agent over the internet
When a user of One-X Agent works from home, she does it through a VPN client which provides access to the enterprise network. For the Communication Manager of a particular customer, all users of One-X Agent on the internet, worldwide, have an IP address in the form 10.9.x.x (this is how the external user's internet IP address is translated to an internal IP address by the VPN gateway). It is not possible to assign an IP Network Region via ip-network-map because the IP addresses 10.9.x.x cannot be segmented by location, so all One-X Agent instances are now registering in Network Region 1. Network Region 1 is associated to location 1 which is in Switzerland. So if the considered One-X Agent is normally working at a site in Italy (Network Region 24/Location 24), now that she logs in over the internet, her One-X Agent is associated to the Network Region 1/Location 1 and her calls will be dialled using the Location 1 ARS analysis: she would thus have to know that she needs to dial an international call from Switzerland to reach a correspondent in Italy. Worse: the dialing rules configured in the One-X Agent settings are not valid for dialing out of Switzerland.

How can One-X Agent be locally configured to be in a specific location or at least in a specific IP Network Region?

If you use One-X Communicator, you can declare the IP Network Region in the login.xml file. However, according to this, the One-X Communicator solution does not apply to One-X Agent.

Thanks in advance and greetings.

mlombardi1 05-17-2021 09:46 AM

An IP station can be manually assigned to a location on p1 of the station form. This overrides the location association inherited from the network region. The stations will still be part of NR 1 per the ip-network-map, but will reference the ARS table and location parameters configured for Italy.

rime 05-17-2021 09:10 PM

One-X Agent and "Location" in station mask
Many thanks! I have tried and yes it works: even if One-X Agent is registered in Network Region 1 (visible in "status station <extn>"), we can see in "list trace station <extn>" that it uses the route patterns for the Location 24, the location which has been configured in page 1 of the station mask. The correct calling party number (in my case from Italy) is displayed at the receiving end. The same works with One-X Communicator as well.

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