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slime 08-03-2017 02:35 AM

abbreviate dialing
I have an IPO server edition with SIP trunk

I have configured a short code to dial a mobile number:
feature :Dial
ID line:50:Main

but the problem is that the user can call any mobile number.

I want the user call only the number configured in the short code ( system abbreviated dialing )

thank to help us.

kind Regards

sbhano 08-03-2017 10:22 PM

you have to create short code with feature dial emergency and bar the outgoing dialing for that user. so user will only be dialing the short codes you will configure.

slime 08-04-2017 03:25 AM

No it doesn't work
always I can't' make external call
please can you specify ho it works ?
note that it is a sip trunk

in ARS there is a shord code:


rdagur 08-08-2017 12:09 AM

first go to user --telephony---supervisor setting----tick --outgoing bar.

then create a short code.
feature:-emergency dail.
telephone number:-097656543.
line group id:-1(your sip trunk id)

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