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brown456 09-10-2015 01:21 PM

E.164 / E164 short code question - IP Office
Our SIP provider wants to send an outgoing call invite like this:

INVITE sip:+13522279999@cn.pstn.twilio.com SIP/2.0

This works for us with this config, dialing a 7 and then a 1 and then the 10 digit number, our "Short Code" setup:

Code 7N;
Feature - Dial
Telephone Number - +N
Line Group ID - tied to our ARS Route ID

I'd like to set up the same thing by just dialing say a 6 and then the 10 digit number (the 1 would be passed without dialing it) as some of our users are used to not dialing a "1" for US dialing.

Suggestions on how to set up the Short Code and/or the ARS code to accomplish this? I tried a Short Code of 6N; and a Telephone Number of +1N but it ended up dropping the last two digits of the phone number when I viewed our Avaya Monitor INVITE statement. But I may need an ARS code to support this too, not sure.

Thanks in advance.

UPDATE ---- I got this to work, but would still like to hear input on if this is the best way to accomplish for this short code or the one working above.

Code - 6xxxxxxxxxx
Feature - Dial
Telephone Number - +1N
Same line group

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