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mamb 09-08-2015 11:02 PM

Apps not displayed in Campaign Strategy window-Avaya POM
Environment details:
1.virtual-system-1 = AAEP (with postgres for EP) + MPP + POM-3.0
2.virtual-system-2 = SQLSERVER for POM-3.0
3.Experience Portal accessed from chrome.

We installed AEP-(7.0) +MPP+POM-(3.0) all in one virtual machine.
We followed the document steps and completed the implementation.
We wanted to test a simple test call in POM-3.0

Uploaded a test contact list/file and the contact list/file was uploaded successfully.
Next step, In Campain Strategy window (adobe flash player 18.0), in the call node the configured POM:Driver application is not getting displayed.
In EP->Application, we are able to see all the default 7 POM applications.
Attempted in other browsers IE and still there is no change.
There is no log file to see why the Campaign Strategy window is not displaying the POM applications.

Any reason why the configured app not getting displayed in drop down of campaign strategy window?

Thanks & Regards

sandeepreddy 09-11-2015 11:39 PM


Try rebooting the AAEP and APP server once and check.
If reboot doesn't help then delete all the POM apps configured, and re-add them and check.

On one of my lab system I had the same issue. It was single server with EPM+POM+MPP+AppServer. I deleted the POM apps and re-ran the insert_POM_DD_Apps.sh from $POM_HOME/bin.

I was able to see the POM driver app in the drop down from the strategy window.
Hope this helps.

mamb 09-12-2015 12:22 AM

Apps not displayed in Campaign Strategy window-Avaya POM
Hi Sandeepreddy,
Thanks for your reply,
Did service stop/start/restart of vpms/pom/appserver
Configured POM to use Postgres as POM db using "installDB.sh".
Did reboot of system
Deleted POM apps and created using "insert_POM_Apps.sh" (we are using POM-3.0)
Also uninstalled and re-installed POM alone with MSSQL as pom db.

The difference we found,
1.We have Microsoft-SQLSERVER-2012 as POM database, i.e.
system-2=MS-SQLSERVER-2012 for POM
2.using Chrome browser to access VPMS web interface
3.EPM & POM having default license for 1 month.
4.No TTS resource for POM:Driver app

Even there is no log to see what was causing this behaviour.
When the Campaign Stratgey window loads in Adobe, it tries to fetch the pom apps from EPM_Postgres DB?
How this process takes place?

Thanks & Regards

mamb 09-18-2015 02:06 AM

Apps not displayed in Campaign Strategy window-Avaya POM
We suspect due to lower versions of Avaya-Enterprise-Linux-6.4.xx and AAEP 7.0.

After we install the below steps, now we are able to see the POM apps in the drop down list of Campaign Strategy window.

Softwares installed:
Avaya Enterprise Linux for Avaya AuraŽ Experience Portal 7.0 Feature Pack 1, 7.0.x
aaepInstaller-RH6.5.64-AV08EP7FP1.26Sep14.121643.iso--1.2 GB


Proactive Outreach Manager 3.0 Feature Pack 1 GA software, 3.0.x
--POM30FP1ReleaseNotes (1).doc

Thanks & Regards

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