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jgitto 11-23-2010 07:26 PM

How do I Stop a Bridged appearances from seeing dialed digits
I'm a newbie to the Avaya world and any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have a S8800 server with 5.2 software. I have a user with a IP 9650 phone and his secretary with a 9640 phone. The secretary phone has the bridge appearances of the 9650 phone. When the user of the 9650 phone makes a phone call, the dialed digits are displayed on the bridge key of the 9640 phone. How do I stop the 9640 phone from displaying the dialed digits of the 9650 phone? Thanks in advance.

yelluru 12-13-2010 05:13 AM


Apologize for the delay.

I have tested this with the following CM versions:-->
CM 5.2.1--with the latest SP
CM 3.1.5

With the bridged apperance configured in the normal fashiol, I can see that the Bridged appearance line going active when the principle station is active but you cannot see the number dialed.

Please check if the system is upgraded to the latest Service Pack as per support website and please raise a case with Avaya if you need further support on this


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