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morri364 08-11-2017 10:10 AM

Can't put incoming calls on other lines on hold (unable to flash)
Hi Everyone,

I am new to Avaya and this forum.


I am the clinic manager of a small medical clinic where we have a new Avaya IP Office version 9.1 phone system. I know next to nothing about IP phone systems. I have a helpful support person, but he is stumped at the moment about how to solve this issue.


We have 6 incoming lines. When someone calls in, if a line is busy (Receptionist 1), then Receptionist 1 hears it ringing, but she cannot flash over to that line to put the person on hold. Instead, another receptionist (Receptionist 2) must physically, at a different phone, pick up and answer, and put it on hold, and only then, can Receptionist 1 take the second line off hold to answer the incoming call.

This results in a ridiculous "2 phone tag" system where my Receptionist 1 must physically get up, run over to the phone at Receptionist 2 work station, and answer the call and put it on hold, so she can then run back to her Receptionist 1 work station, to take the call off hold and talk to the caller and finish the call.


My phone installation/support person will be giving me the app needed to interface with the Avaya phone system (Avaya up office manager app?), and I can, with your directions, change what ever setting needs to be changed to allow my Receptionists to flash over to an incoming call to put it on hold.


What setting needs to be changed to allow my Receptionist 1 to flash over to the incoming call, to answer it, put it on hold, then flash back to her original call?

Many thanks for your help. If I did not post in the correct forum, please let me know. Also tell me how to transfer this post over to the proper forum, because most forums don't like you to post the same question in two different forums (cross posting)

thiel2 08-11-2017 10:47 AM

Incoming calls are typically routed to a Group, and the Group Type should be set to Collective Call Waiting, so that a 2nd call coming into the group will ring the phone even if already on a call. Then the Receptionist will be able to put the first call on hold and answer the 2nd call. If you enable Auto Hold, the Receptionist will be able to just press the ringing call and the first call will hold automatically

rdagur 08-13-2017 09:22 PM

you must set 3 appearance key at Receptionist phone.
open manager----select user Receptionist 1------ button prog----assign 3 appearance key:)

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