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markstq 08-26-2015 08:41 AM

IPOCC not delivering email to agents
The issue is emails are being “picked” up by IPOCC (as seen in the email Overview), but are not being distributed to agents. The error message we see in TT Trace is:

B4755m 10:34:43.183 TC_Warning 048.009.0968 Can't route document to user with mailsystemid 'Quotes1@bigsteelbox.ca'.
B4756m 10:34:43.183 TC_Warning 048.009.0968 GSI RouteMimeMessageToUser failed: Error 100000 at GetAddressByMailSystemId(mailSystemId=Quotes1@bigsteelbox.ca)
B4758m 10:34:43.183 ACTION_MSG Action::2 - Route Mime Message failed - 24.08.2015 10:34:43

I think the error message should probably say "can't route document with mailsystemid 'email address" to user, i.e. problem is with the systemid as opposed to the IPOCC agent (user).

Any suggestions will be much appreciated, thank you.

schopdekar 08-27-2015 05:50 AM

Which version of IPOCC are you using ?
Anything special about this email ? or are you getting this error for all emails ?
Is this email with an attachment ?

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