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metivt 06-26-2018 08:32 AM

Issue with Call Recording AVAYA Contact Recorder (acr)
Hi all,

Plesae let me know about the requirement for call recording on acr (avava contact recorder ):confused:

I usually setting up ip phone avava models 2004P2 and add both DN extension and position id numbers on acr application to built or upgrate call center service , and then whenever agent login in and start receiving calls, the avaya contact recorder application automatically start recording audio files from acd (model 2004P2...)

Recently after configuring some avava ip phone model 1150 / 1140 i noticed that calls could not recording on acr for these models, i reviewed the configuration but everything was made good ... i noticed again a such issue most often happen with this types of models. I am about to investigate on these type of models avava ip phone (1230 /1140E / 1150E).

The reason why i am posting here this topic ,it 's in case someone here has already experienced this issue but also has any suggestion that could help me, would be great,any idea is welcome .

I look forward to your reply .

Thanks !

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