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biggizod 08-17-2012 07:00 AM

IPO500 multi-site issue
HI guys, i have configured ipsec vpn for multisite deployment of IPO between 2 routers cisco 881 , vpn is up , if i put 2 PC on the ends i am able to ping/tracert both PC , but when i put IPO on 1 end and iptelefon on other iptelefon get proper voice vlan & ip but can not register to IPO . I put PC on the same voice network and can not ping IPO , i guess it doesn't answer... may be because I could not find option default gateway on it and it doesn't know next hop? ...
IPO<->Router_A<->Router_B<->PC/IPtelefon . IPO wan, Router_A to IPO, router_a and router_b , PC/iptelefon /27
Please if u have any guide how to config IPO for multisite deployment or instructions give the links. Help me please ...

sedge 08-29-2012 05:32 AM

Hello Biggizod

If you have not been able to define the default gateway then this sounds like the root of your networking problem.

The default gateway is defined in Manager under "IP Route".
Set the IP Address and IP Mask to
Then add the IP address of the next hop router
Destination is the IP Office interface which is connected to the next hope router

There is a wealth of information in the IP Office KnowledgeBase, found at:




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