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dwihl 02-23-2018 07:46 AM

PC's not receiving DHCP IP via data port on Avaya Phone
I have this problem on all computers using an Avaya phone data port to connect to the LAN since we replaced an Extreme switch with a new Cisco Meraki switch

The phones receive an IP OK (192.168.30.x)

The PC's don't get a data IP (10.50.20.x) but work if we assign them a static IP on this range, also the PC's do get a DHCP IP if plugged directly in to the switch.

We use an Avaya S8300 and G430 (Our DHCP server) onsite.

The Topology is:

PC (Avaya One-X) 10.50.20.x -- Switch -- Riverbed -- Firewall -- Avaya G430 (

We had to setup a Layer 3 relay on the switch to the DHCP server because PC's were not picking up a DHCP address before hand (when plugged in to the switch directly).

We have logged this with Avaya support who said it is a Switch port issue but we have tried all configs we can up to now.

TAGS: Avaya, VOIP, S8300, G430, One-X, Relay, DHCP Meraki,Citrix,Extreme, Firewall, Riverbed

mlombardi1 03-01-2018 08:03 AM

Are you sure there is a configured DHCP relay? I'm assuming the DHCP server is on the data VLAN. The switch ports should be configured as trunk ports with the voice tagged and data untagged.

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