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danweber 03-05-2018 11:21 AM

AVP to customer VMware migration
Anyone migrate Aura v7 applications running on AVP to customer supplied VMware? Any caveats? Can vMotion be used? Existing server HW supporting AVP is coming end-of-life and migrating VMs from AVP (ESXi 5.5) to customer supplied VMware (ESXi 6.0) infrastructure seems like a straight forward process, but can't find any documentation in support of this.

dfl 03-05-2018 02:13 PM

VMotion won't work because the VMware ESXi license installed by AVP doesn't support vCenter connections. You may be able to temporarily install another ESXi license on your AVP host and then do the vMotion. Regardless of how you get the VMs over to the new host you may need to fix up some routing tables in each of the VMs. When running under an AVP host there are routes set up for the Services Port on the host to Utility Services and then to all of the guest VMs. The other thing I've never looked at is if SMGR supports migrating from AVP to customer supplied VMware. Also just FYI AVP 7.1.2 is based on ESXi 6.0, not sure if that solves your problem or not either.

danweber 03-07-2018 06:15 AM

Thanks dfl. Avaya has advised against migrating an AVP VM to customer provided VMware. Instead they recommend building a new VM on customer supplied ESXi using proper .OVA and migrating the application (with the help of professional services).

wallo 07-09-2019 11:55 PM

Downgrading AVP 8.0 to 7.1.3 - Licensing
Something similar - I need to back down the ACP130 P2 server with 8.0 on it from the factory, to AVP 7.1 for a government implementation. AVP 8.x uses an actual ESXi license labeled on the server rather than WebLM. Is it possible to install the true VMware license on AVP 7.1.3? If it's not, we'll have to jump through hoops to get AVP dual CPU licenses....


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