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materwey 02-27-2019 10:00 AM

conference call question
CM6.2 using 9630 IP sets
In the past two days I have just one small group of users experiencing 'weirdness'. All incoming calls for this staff route through their front desk and at the moment that person is a temp. I am thinking the issues could be created by temp but I cannot figure out how! Here are the two issues:
1. conference shows on display without the individual's express action. they don't remember the exact date time but I believe it could be simultaneous. front desk staff lifts receiver to play outgoing call but display shows conference call and she hears people talking and hangs up. staff member is active on a call, his screen changes to conference, he hears both the party he is speaking to and background sounds, and then the background disconnects. I have tried a couple of ways to incorrectly transfer and can't find a way to make the displays show conference call in the way they describe.
2. staff indicate they are getting calls routed to them that the front desk staff has not transferred to them and are not direct dial to their stations. One example of such a call, staff said the display indicated 'wireless call to Veterans Se'. Yes, Veterans Service is the name on the front desk station but the call coverage is voice mail, not the other staff. The voice mailbox does not have a personal operator so caller is not doing a 'zero out' of voice mail. If you call forward, the display would show that type of information on a display but call forward is a single extension situation. This group is stating that calls went between 3 different phone numbers.

staff and front desk are not members of any hunt group

So, I am stumped. I do not know how this type of call activity is possible.

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