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mmmackin 06-20-2012 04:45 PM

Support Site Tip: Set up E-Notifications
Avaya offers the capability to subscribe to e-notifications so you can keep informed around changes to:
  • End of Sale and/or Manufacturer Support Notices
  • Product Correction Notices (PCN)
  • Product Support Notices
  • Security AdvisoriesServices Support Notices
E-Notifications will allow you to streamline your information for specific product families as well.

It's a simple and quick process to subscribe:
  1. Log into https://support.avaya.com
  2. Select the MY PROFILE hyperlink (under "Welcome [your name]" in the header)
  3. Select the E-NOTIFICATIONS Tab
  4. Click on the type of notifications you wish to receive (e.g., Product Correction Notices)
  5. You can further customize the notifications by clicking Add More Products in Products box and selecting products and product release information

swentzelbcx 06-26-2013 07:47 AM

E-notifications additional feature
Hi Avaya Support website team

Can I suggest that you add the ability to subscribe to the PCNreport[dateXXXX-dateXXXX].xls and CM_SW_FW_Compatibility_Matrix.doc (I am sure there are some I don't even know about, but include them). These are two most useful documents and when ever I grab one I see something I missed.

I would appreciate the ability to get the latest documents link emailed to me after it has been updated and released to the public.

That's my suggestion.

Regards, S

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