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adams42 10-13-2011 06:21 AM

Service Pack 5 not installing on some phones
Hello all, maybe someone can help.
Here's the problem I am having with SP5:
1. When I reset a region with more than two 9608's(this model is all we have and currently have over 300 placed) all phones restart but not all phones install SP5
2. With sites that have a T-1, I can only push the SP to no more than two phones at once(if I do the T-1 gets maxed out and only 2 phones will accept the load)
3. At sites where we have our LSP and SP5 is hosted, if I reset that region not all phones will install SP5

Is there something different about this Service Pack because in the past I have not had trouble installing or pushing any of the other ones, not to this degree. I looked and the last 3 service packs were virtually the same size, so what gives?

Has anyone else noticed this problem?

darylsheffer 11-01-2011 12:01 PM

Service Pack 5 not installing on some phones
I had the same problem with a little over a 100 - 9611's. I had to do the range a few times, Then do single IP's on a few and I had to actualy uplug and restart a couple to get them to update.

And these phones are on a gig network.

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