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pthiru 01-24-2020 05:36 AM

Trunk to Trunk Transfer
I have IP Office R11 with Dual PRI card.

One PRI is connected to Service Provider PRI
Another PRI is connected to another PBX for networking.

Intercom call from IPO to other PBX is happening.through PRI network

We want to automatically transfer incoming PRI call in IPO to extension users in other pbx through networked PRI line.

Please suggest

thiel2 01-24-2020 08:32 AM

So you must already have some kind of short codes set up so that when you dial extensions on the remote pbx it routes through the 2nd PRI?

For instance, if your local extensions are all in the 1000's, and the remote extensions are all in the 2000's, you would have a short code like 2XXX / Dial / 2N / {outgoing line group ID on the 2nd PRI}

On the Incoming Call Route for the DID in question (coming in on the 1st PRI) you just type the 2000 extension number into the destination field, and the IP Office will do the routing automatically.

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