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silva393 06-28-2016 01:29 PM

WFO and ACR v15.1 - Disable Screen Recording
Hi all,
I have a system with WFO and ACR recording the calls and agent's screen. I would like STOP ALL Screen Recording.
I did some configurations at ACR also a Rule at WFO for 0% Screen Recording. It still keeps recording the agent's screen.
Another important thing I am using AIM (Agent Initiated Monitoring) for start/stop the calls and it control the start/stop Screen Recording as well.
The customer wants:
- Record 100% agent calls with option to STOP.
- Record on Demand for Supervision Start/Stop.
- Doesn't want Screen Recording.

Can I delete manually the .scn?
Is there a configuration file which I can edit to DISABLE just screen recording at ACR server?

silva393 07-08-2016 06:48 AM

I have configured the "Properties File" at ACR server. I have created a system setting: screen.maxdurationmins=0 The file path: /properties/acr.properties. After that you should restart the service.
Also under Data Source at WFO webpage I changed the Recording Mode from Record to Start on Trigger on primary extensions. I didn't create any Recording Rules for that.

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