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jjohner 05-09-2012 01:59 PM

Cat 5e MPB96 board power on failure.
CallPilot 600R 5.0 patched with SU11 etc.

So I have just spent a couple hours in the lab trying to figure this thing out.

It used to be when power is applied to a CallPilot 600R server it would automatically power up and start. All services would load and the CallPilot would start processing calls. That's not what this server is doing...

Apply power, server does not auto start. Press the power button server starts normal every time. All services come up and CallPilot processes calls.

Not a problem I say. Let me "fix" the BIOS and turn that feature on. "F2" as the system boots. Adjust the auto start, save and exit.

Apply power, Server starts. Get popup "The following device(s) cannot be detected in the CallPilot system ; BRD01(04210000);DSP01-001(06210000) I can continue listing all the rest but will stop there. This is fairly consistant. Odd time things will start normally.
Should be noted there are no lights on the MPB96 board. and CallPilot is not accepting calls.

I perform a software restart when the system is in the above state and the callpilot starts perfectly every time.

Just wondering if I have missed a bulletin somewhere along the line about this issue.

jjohner 05-15-2012 03:34 PM

The solution I used was to reconfigure the BIOS.

Looked in the documentation NN44200-703 600R server maintenance and diagnostics.
Chapter 9

started following the procedure on page 100 step 2 where I loaded optimal settings then made the non default settings.

Boots properly every time now.

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