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cajig1 09-25-2014 09:16 AM

Custom report to match user, ext., DID# in Avaya SA - How?

I'm using Avaya Site Administration Ver. 5.0.11. I need to create a costume report that match and lists User Name, Extension #, but only the extensions that have a DID phone number for example:

John Doe 3340 13495783324
Jane Doe 3158 13495783210

Right now to obtain the extension and user name I use the command [LIST STATION], and then I print the output to a XPS files. Then I use the command [DISPLAY INC-CALL-HANDLING-TRMT TRUNK-GROUP (trunk number)]. I repeate that command for each trunk-group to obtain the list of extensions and DID phone numbers. I have to "print" all command outputs to XPS files. Then I have to process those XPS files the hard way with copy/paste, parsing, sorting, manually matching, etc., etc.

I need to create a report to do all that automatically. I saw that under the [Advanced] tab there is a [Report] option. The report option have many type of reports (including [LIST STATION]), but none for the trunks or DID numbers.

How can I create a report for that?

cajig1 09-25-2014 09:53 AM

Ok I found that you can use the export option that is also available under the Advanced section but the only difference is that I can output the command to a comma delimited file instead of printing to a XPS file. I still have the issue of matching user name with extension number and DID number.

I need to find a way to create a report that include those specific fields from the database.

User Name, ext. #, DID #

Any ideas?

mbong 11-26-2014 08:20 AM

There is no automatic way to produce this out of ASA that I am aware of.

I use Excel and the LOOKUP() function to match the extensions to a table that I've to setup to associate a range of extensions with DIDs. Now, this is possible for my environment as the last 4-digits of our extensions is the last four digits of the DID. So, your mileage may vary on how this works for you.

ortiz121 11-30-2014 02:23 AM

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