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bennylu 09-02-2014 08:16 PM

How to program Queuing Messages?
I am trying to convert a call flow from Voicemail Pro to IPOCC. In VM Pro, it is easy to have a queuing and still in Queue message that keeps the call in the queue but also play a greeting or allow caller press a digit to leave a message. Is it possible to do the similar setting in IPOCC?

kruegerb 09-08-2014 09:49 AM

there is an example call flow in the ISO in subfolder \Examples\Callflow Examples\Ask_in_Loop. in this the caller will be asked every 20 sec if he want to leave a message.

ghall1 09-15-2014 12:42 PM

Can we do this queuing in the task flow and repeat the announcement every 30 seconds as I do not want the option to press 1 to breakout & leave a message?

kruegerb 09-16-2014 03:22 PM

this is easily done with the Modulo function in a logic element:
Topic -> logic: (c.waitTotal%30)<30: true normal waiting Music, false: announcement still wait, in this case every 30 sec the announcement will change

ghall1 09-17-2014 05:20 AM

Thanks for the reply kruegerb, nothing is easy with CIE!
I managed to get it working using another method but will give your modulo method a try.

webst11 11-18-2014 05:36 AM

Did anyone get this working

Having some problems getting this working

I added a Logic followed by an announcement connected to the N
and the Y connected to the music

in the logic I entered (c.waitTotal%30)<30

It just ignores the logic

I changed the logic to c.waitTotal<30

It plays the Q announcement once at 30 seconds into the call but then never again

Can anyone give me any pointers as to where I'm going wrong

Many thanks


parke92 11-19-2014 01:42 PM

I had to make mine (c.waitTotal%30)<29

webst11 11-25-2014 07:34 AM


Originally Posted by parke92 (Post 14114)
I had to make mine (c.waitTotal%30)<29

Thanks Parke ill give that a go

bucky101 02-09-2016 06:37 PM

Has anyone actually got this working?
I cannot for the life of me get it to simply repeat a recorded announcement every thirty seconds using modulo

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