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davis124 02-16-2015 10:50 AM

Avaya Diagnostic Server
I am just wondering who all has implemented the ADS (Avaya Diagnostic Server)?

I am in the middle of setting one of these things up (VMWare ADS 2.0) and it's a bit of a mess...

From the start everything appears to be easy/setup but we are unable to control phones (We get the error messages that either it couldn't start the SLA Agent or we must have the phone re-register with ADS), and most of our subnet scans result is finding less phones then we know that is available.

I have been banging my head on the screen for days trying to get the simple functions to work but I am missing something between the server and phones (And the corresponding 46xxsettings.txt file), and that is counting the number of half written guides and troubleshooting hints I have used. The whole Certs thing is a bit of a pain too.

Have anyone been able to get this up and running smoothly in a production environment? If so could you share some possible troubles you ran up against and how you fixed them?



arahamanshar 06-30-2015 04:15 AM

Hello James,

we would require more details phone type and version, server cert, agent cert, enabling the agent on the 46xxsettings etc

if you could provide those details or you can open a SR with us with these details and we can work with you to troubleshoot this issue.

kotharin 07-01-2015 04:52 AM


You can contact Avaya's ATAC team which supports ADS.
atac@avaya.com or 888-297-4700


jbedna 07-02-2015 03:52 PM

We just finished installing and ADS this week and since we have Avaya Support Advantage the application was free.

We too went the VMware path, we removed our old SAL server and co-lo it with the SLAmon both on the new server. For the Subnet's we extracted the info from the IP Mapping table in the CM, we have over 15k users and did not have any issues with them not being polled.

We used the demo certs for the endpoints but plan on going back with a self signed CA now that we have it all tested and working. (I will agree the certs can be a pain)
We have 80 media gateways and each locations 46xxxx.txt settings had to be updated and then all the phones in all of these NR had to be re-booted so the updated files could be sent to the phones.

The old tip and rings days are gone and we needed a tool like ADS to troubleshoot packets without always depending on our Network (data) team.. So far no major issues and we are impressed with the application.

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