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troy 10-26-2011 01:56 PM

Call log
Can anyone tell me why my call log button on my 9620 phone does not light up when the call goes to voicemail? If i call it and hang up while the phone is ringing the call log button will light up and it will log the call as a missed call but if i call it and let it send my call to voicemail it doen't log it. Is this just the way it is?

Thank you

mskinner 10-27-2011 08:16 AM

This is not working as designed. Please submit a ticket with your local repair organization.

troy 11-02-2011 06:50 AM

That would be me... I'm thinking maybe this was do to a SP? Just trying to see if anyone else has had this issue.

dsonaw 11-03-2016 01:19 AM

call logs issue
Hi Team,

10 to 20 user are unable to view calls logs

markgallagher 11-03-2016 03:32 AM

dsonaw - That's a totally different issue. Start a new thread if you really want people to look at it.

mskinner - Wrong.

troy - Varies between systems (you didn't say which you had) but often calls are not logged if they are answered elsewhere on the system (picked up by another user, voicemail, etc). The idea is, for example, not have two indicator lights on phones (missed call and message waiting) for the same call. On the IP Office systems I work on the configuration setting is calls "Log Missed Calls Answered at Coverage" (System | Telephony | Call Log).

aa1 11-12-2016 01:38 PM

It would be helpful to provide details on the phone (model-96x0, 96x1, .., type=h.323/sip, firmware version)

For H.323 phones, in the 46xxsettings.txt file there is an option that could help

## LOGUNSEEN specifies whether incoming calls that did not cause alerting will be logged
## as missed calls (e.g., calls that are forwarded because the phone is busy).
## Value Operation
## 0 Unseen calls will not be logged (default)
## 1 Unseen calls will be logged
## This parameter is supported by:
## 96x1 H.323 R6.0 and later
## 96x0 H.323 R3.0 and later

The value of this could be 0 in the 46xxsettings.txt file of your phone


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