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downe14 09-26-2018 02:30 AM

EC500 - unable to send CPN when twinning
I've had a look at other threads and it seems to be setup ok but when the outbound twinning call is hitting the mobile it has the bill to number of the SIP trunk rather than the CPN or the users DDI number.

Our maintainer has said this is because Ofcom have changed the rules and we can't send anything except the bill to number of the trunk so Gamma are substituting the number in the invite.

I thought it should be possible to send the EC500 users DDI number instead as the bill to number is the reception number and users are dialling the missed call back and going through to reception each time.

vanh34 11-27-2018 05:04 AM

In what (SIP)field do they want to see the bill to number? And what field do they use for CLI? (FROM or PAI) Do they support Diversion Headers or History Headers? I would say there must be a way and you should ask them.

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