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najeebtimani 04-01-2011 01:32 AM

CM 5.2 MBT(startup time).. more than 20 mins?
Start Up time
After powering up the system, the IP phones and the G450 need about 13 minutes to register and become operational. During that time, we can notice in system platform that the CM State is running but the application state is N/A or timeout.
Is this startup time normal?
The switch over to the failover server needs a complete system restart. So every switch over will require that time?
Note that we installed CM 5.2.1SP7 and the release is currently We used MBT template without Media Services.

Pleas Advise

aviswanathan 04-12-2011 07:28 AM

18759 is recalled. So that need to be deactivated first. The latest SP of CM 5.2.1 is
Expected failover/switchover times
System Platform High Availability Failover uses 30 seconds as a timeout interval of lost ping
replies upon which standby node will declare active node as dead (although it can be not
accessible, not running or blocked). When that period expires, the standby node executes a
takeover (that is, starts resources). Note that System Platform does not provide any web
interface to modify this interval.
In case of manual switchover or in case there is some state of the system that initiates
preemptive failover, the total time between start of the command and time when all resources are running on the standby node includes graceful shutdown of all resources and start of all
the resources:
stop of resources - up to 2 minutes. If this is machine shutdown, Communication
Manager takes about 4 minutes to shutdown
stop of resources - up to 5 minutes
start of resources - up to 5 minutes
resulting longest switchover time - up to 10 minutes
In case of failover due to total failure of the active node, the total time between the start of the
outage and time when all resources are running on the standby node includes detection interval
timeout and start of all the resources:
detect active node failure - 30 seconds
start of resources - up to 5 minutes
resulting longest switchover time - up to 5.5 minutes
Switchover time will vary depending on hardware in use and the specific template installed
on the system. Templates with more virtual machines will take slightly longer to switch over
due to multiple virtual machines booting simultaneously
Please open a ticket/SR with backbone if MBT is taking more than 10 minutes in manual failover or 5.5 minutes in case of a normal failover.

hurdk 10-13-2015 02:00 PM

5.2.1 SP 18 patch MBT
I have to install SP 18 to the CM and from what I am tolfd by Avaya I just apply the patch on the active and wait for it to sync up. Then do a failover and make sure it mirrored at which point I failover again to make sure I am on the first server.

Has anyone had any issues with just applying a patch on CM and it synching right?

marzahn 10-14-2015 07:21 AM

Welcome to the Dark Side
I have been restarting and interchanging servers on a monthly schedule since installing redundant servers. All went well. That is I was able to perform this task during business hours or not as my work load allowed.

We started opening satellite offices about two years ago. At the time, it made sense to begin moving staff into the VoIP environment. As many of you have discovered while the new phones are well accepted by most staff, They come with a host of new administrative issues. One of these is the loss of service during my monthly maintenance.

So Im back to weekend restarting and interchanging servers. This is not a great hardship as I can easily do this remotely. And if something goes sideways, I can make the trip to the main distribution frame (MDF) to tune things up with my trusty ball peen hammer. ;)

hurdk 11-06-2015 09:45 AM

5.2.1 MBT Updates

I updated the CM patches and the CMM Field updates then failed over to the standby server and it synced. failed back and the two servers were mirrored.

Just in case anyone else needs the info.

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