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hurdk 08-06-2018 02:05 PM

CM 7.x 9408 digital phone issue
I installed 2 systems and found when I had 9408 sets installed with either a DL360 server or an S8300E I would get the same issue from the digital phones.

you hit a button other than the speakerphone button and then you hit speaker phone to make a call:

the phone just plays a touch tone and does not respond any further. You then need to reboot the phone.

I made sure the ALL FW was at the latest greatest and send a few phones to Avaya Labs for testing. They reported no issues with the phone. I also explained in detail with video to Avaya and never got a response other than the FW upgrade must have fixed it.

I discovered the actual issue which may be a bug is:

If on-hook dialing is not "Y" in system features you will have this issue on all phones.

Once i set that to "Y" the phones work fine.

I would think the on hook should not cause a phone failure like this on a few system now that I have installed.

the customer may report this as a squeal when they try to use the phone.

wonder if its fixed in CM 8? I'll ind out soon enough....

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