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trenau 08-27-2012 08:27 AM

ERS 8600 to Cisco router 3800
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to start its been a while since I had to do any kind of networking (not my expertise). attached is a diagram of what I have setup.

I need the user to be able to connect to the server and vise versa. Right now, the cisco and 8600 can communicate between each other only. user cannot ping or anything in 10.10.4.x network. On the 8600 I setup a port on vlan 2000 and assigned the address to it. On the cisco I assigned the ip adds to each port accordingly. Nothing else was done to each device. I'm assuming I either have to setup OSPF or create static routes...not really sure...any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

rameshng 08-28-2012 01:22 AM

I think thats look like a directly connected interface. it should ping.
While connecting between Cisco and Nortel 8600, the possibility is a conflict between the Nortel STP and PVST running on the Cisco. Did u check the spanning-tree status at both end, especially at Cisco? is there any blocking.
If thats correct, what interface you are connecting to? Is it copper 10/100/1000, then try disabling your auto-neg and keep it manual.
I dont see any other suggestion at the moment apart from above.

sahmedpasha 08-29-2012 06:03 AM

Network Connectivity issue
It looks like a new setup.

Yes, you have to have a static route/any routing protocol to get this work.

As you are unable to ping from the user, I believe the users does not have the right default gateway set, here, you have to have as a default gateway on users inorder to communicate to

As 192.168.x and 155.22.3.x is local on 8600, client can talk until once after default gateway is set.

I am sure you can ping the server, 5510 IP from Cisco and Cisco IP, 5510 IP from the server.

I suggest to configure static route on Cisco to reach 155.22.3.x through next hop and on ERS 8600 static route to reach 10.10.4.x through next hop

We need to ensure that the server and the clients has the right default gateway set.

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