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fdilalla 12-28-2020 01:03 PM

Renew certificate on FRHA System Manager
I have found a System Manager 6.2 on System Platform with expired certificate. I'm unable to login on web interface.
SMGRs are configured in Fast Reboot HA so I need to know the procedure to renew the certificate on both servers. I Haven't found on support site a document with this configuration but only with single server or with HA geo red. configuration.
Could you help me ?
Thanks a lot

mlombardi1 12-30-2020 06:59 AM

I don't think the procedure varies from a single server to FRHA. Been a long time since I've worked with System Platform redundancy, but there's only one true instance of the SMGR virtual machine in that setup. The primary continuously propagates virtual machine disk information to the standby and goes active if the primary is unreachable.

I would follow these instructions and the certificate updates should be reflected in the mirrored disk data as with anything else.

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