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jimvicom 08-14-2013 06:18 AM

Cannot add G430 with Synchronization over IP enabled
I am adding a G430/remote survivable branch to an existing system. 6.2.
Synchronization over IP is enabled.

When I go to "Add media-gateway" I cannot add it because in the blank field "Network region" the system will not let me add a number. The error I get is :
"cannot change region with synchronization over IP enabled"

I cannot find the proper process to add a media-Gateway in this case. I find info about the synch, but it doesn't tell me what happens if I disable it in System Parameter Features momentarily to add a gateway.

I have chatted for over 3 hours with various Avaya techs and they have no idea what I am speaking about. I have a LOW priority ticket open, but need to get this programmed ASAP.

jimvicom 08-14-2013 01:04 PM

Still no go
I opened a ticket with Avaya and they sent me the install and Admin doc for the G430, neither of which mention how to add a gateway with IP synching enabled. And they sent me a powerpoint about the IP synching, but that too does not do it.

Since Avaya support is not paying attention to what I wrote in my ticket nor are they paying attention to my emails I am stuck.

Cannot add a gateway in CM 6. 02.0.823.0 with patch 20396.

aaouis 03-07-2014 03:06 AM

remove mediagateway g430
I need help with removing a media gateway. I have Integrated management -Site administration 6.0 -Version 6.0.07.
My situation:
I have a media gateway that was physically removed. I want to remove it from the system “remove media gateway X” but i gets an error "System management overloaded; please try again later ".
What are the necessary steps needed to remove the gateway?
Thank you.

aa1 03-11-2014 02:32 AM

this is a differnet question to the original question
aaouis, this thread is about a different problem. posting in this thread makes users feel that the question has already been answered. Also you have already posted in another section of this forum the same question and I have answered it. Please look at that site as well:

Thanks for your understanding.

aa1 03-11-2014 03:34 AM

G430 with Synchronization over IP enabled

The solution is to temporarily disable the Sync over IP feature.
Add the media-gateway and re-enable Sync over IP.
This is not service effecting. nevertheless, the sync will not work during the period that it is disabled!

The steps would be:
1. go to "change system-parameters features" on SAT interface of the CM
2. set "Synchronization over IP?" to no (page 19)
3. submit the changes
4. go to "add media-gateway" and perform the necessary changes!
5. go to "change system-parameters features" and re-enable sync over IP feature

Disabling this feature has the same effect as having the synching disabled on a DS1 board.

Hope this helps.

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