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eyerh66 09-16-2013 08:33 AM

Incoming DID Routing Question
Our incoming/outgoing local phone traffic is currently on a dynamic T1. Unfortunately, when our internet service goes out as it has a few times in the last month, our traffic is greatly affected as well. We do have a back-up router that will continue to carry some traffic but the bandwidth is minimal.

We also have a PRI T1 for our fax traffic through the same vendor. Our solution is to have a few of our Public Safety DID numbers ported from the dynamic T1 to the PRI T1 so when we do have an internet outage, the Public Safety DID numbers will not be affected.

My question is: Since the routing of the DID numbers will happen on the vendor side, is there anything I have to do internally in the PBX?

jjashley 11-07-2013 08:03 AM

This would depend really on how many digits the vendor is sending, and what your dial plan is set up for. Most likely there would be no changes needed. You can contact the Remote Configuration Helpline at +1 800 225 7585 if you would like them to take a look at the trunk set up. You will want to confirm with the vendor how many digits they will be sending to your system so that you can adjust if needed.

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