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rikki51 07-14-2015 10:31 AM

Using Advocate w/ Elite MultiChannel blending
Can Advocate can work w/ Voice and Email blending by leveraging Advocate Service Level Supvervisor and Reserve Agent? Part of this is driven by the capacity allowed by Elite ACD for EWT which in the past was limited to 9,999 seconds (approx 2.75 hours), which is too short in typical email scenarios.

Another big issue is that the emails are not able to be queued due to volume so the ACD and Advocate would not have a true picture of EWT for emails. Advocate cannot see the "wait time" in the EMC Media Director.

Perhaps a better scenario is to put EMC email agents as Reserve for the Voice skills but not sure how Call Selection Override would work due to items cited above.

This issue would lend itself to the broader Avaya Work Assignment snap in possibilities in the Avaya Development Environment. Would love to see a new snap in to provide more flexible EMC, multi-channel routing beyond the core Elite ACD/Advocate.

pradeept 07-30-2015 07:02 AM

It looks like an implementation question, so please check with APS(Avaya Professional services) if it can be achieved.

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