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stehule 11-20-2013 11:35 PM

ATM4U V2 Impedance match
is possible definitely turn off the Impedance match process on combo card with ATM4UV2? We think, dont seize trunks after reboot IP Office 500V2..

markgallagher 11-21-2013 12:21 AM

?? Impedance matching is not something that runs continuously. Its only used when you select to run it in Manager and then its finished. Incorrect impedance values would most likely show up in call quality (bad echo) rather than failure to actually seize the line. So unlikely to be the problem.

Can the system receive incoming calls on those line?

What mode is the system running in (Basic Edition or other)?

What level of software?

stehule 11-21-2013 01:46 AM

IP Office mode, R9.0.0.0. build 829.

We use that line as Hotline. Here is situation:

1/ Dig. extension 201, on button 3 have (programmed) Call Appearance Line 701 (first analog line from ATM4UV2)
2/ Anlg. extn 301 have User Short Code ?D/Dial/831621 via ip trunk
3/ Extn 301 connected to first analog line


a/ Outgoing call
User 201 hang off, press button 3. Line 701 seized = analog extension hang off = dialed number 831621, ringing, connected.

b/ Incoming call
Hotline (Operator) call via ip trunk 301 = analog extn ringing = Line 701 seized = call arrived on button 3 at 201 ... working, not problem.

After rebooting system IP Office 500V2, Line 701 is seized = ringing Hotline (Operator) = alarm/panic. We very need turn off this feature ..

Many Thanks,

furrerm 11-21-2013 08:55 AM

Look at SSA when rebooting, and see what is seizing the trunk. Is there any other device on the trunk?

thiel2 11-21-2013 03:01 PM

With the V2 ATM cards, when the IPO powers on or reboots, or the Analog Trunk gets plugged into the trunk port, the system automatically runs an impedance match. It also puts the trunk out of service automatically when there is no voltage present.

This is a great feature, but I can see where it would trip your hotline phone after a reboot.

In Manager, go to the line, and then to the Analogue Options tab. You will see a box for Impedance Match, un-tic the box for Automatic and see if solves your issue.

stehule 11-22-2013 01:56 AM

We have already un-tick the box = Impedance Match is setting to Manual (Off). It is not a solution. Problem after rebooting or unplugged/plugged analog extension into analog trunk is still the same.

SSA after reboot the IP Office 500V2 can not show satus analog trunk, because SSA is not connect yet, when trunk is seized.

SSA after connect analog extension to the analog line, show only change status: Out of Service/Idle. Do not show any seized trunk.

Any other device is not connect into the analog trunk (only analog extension from the same IP Office 500V2).

Sorry for my english, do you understand me?


thiel2 11-22-2013 04:54 PM

Add a Phone 2 card with an ATM V-1 and move your hotline there - since there is no way to disable the automatic impedance matching on the ATM V-2 cards.

stehule 11-24-2013 10:49 PM

Itīs little expansive reason for as ;) .. I think, many features will be turn off/on after adding same string on No User/Source Numbers tab, e.g. "Enable_OTT". It is possible, create a new string for disable "Impedance Match" ?


stehule 11-25-2013 01:23 AM

One new info,
ATM4 V1 is End of Sales at 2.12.2013! We can not buy the old version (V1), only new version (V2) !

This is a terrible situation .. :mad:

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