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mache 09-03-2016 07:57 PM

Routing of calls for multiple extensions (AAR) to IVR in CM
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I am new to routing calls from communication manager.

I have extension numbers configured in aar analysis and uniform dialplan analysis table which are configured in my session manager (SIP) which routes to my experience portal MPP.

these numbers are then configured to an ivr application in experience portal. when i call on this single number, the call is routed to the MPP and IVR correctly and i can hear the ivr menu's.

My query is, how can i configure 10 different such numbers to one number where customers can call on this one number and route to these 10 different channels.

Do i need to create a hunt group/trunk group/skill/vector/vdn to assign all 10 numbers.
What all configuration do i need to make this work.

sunilkumarv 09-18-2016 11:57 PM


since the call goes via aar/UDP and trunk , we should be able to make multiple calls to same number (depending on amount of channel configured on trunk ). you can also try using hunt group and creating virtual station and routing those calls via AAR in CM.

mache 09-19-2016 10:19 PM

Thanks Sunil,

Please can you let me know how can I create virtual agents and assign them to the hunt group.


sunilkumarv 09-22-2016 10:37 PM

you can create an IP or sip station and add a Off-pbx entry and send these calls via same aar pattern

note: dont try this on production setup, i am not sure is IVR checks for any other headers in SIP messages. try it on test station or hunt and see if it works.

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