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aldaqqaq 03-23-2010 12:38 AM

What are the network considerations in this scenario...
Hi there,

New member :D

we have a customer with head office and one branch. The branch contains 9670G phones model and we face some issue with them where they are not registered to the main system and keep trying to connect!

My question is: What are the network considerations (Ports, recommended bandwidth, ... others) that we have to take care about in order to allow 9670G phones to register, to the head office's system.

Best regards,


mcoppens 03-25-2010 02:26 AM

Hi and welcome!

Your question is quite generic so let's start with a generic answer; go to support.avaya.com and search for "Avaya IP Telephony Implementation Guide".

That should provide you with sufficient implentation considerations to get you going. On the network side, focus on DHCP setup (par. 4.3 - mind you, 96xx phones use option 242 instead of 176 but the config remains the same), TCP/UDP port-numbers (Appendix D) and bandwidth calculations (par. 2.2). However, make sure you are set on the CM side as well; codecs, network-regions, available VoIP resources...


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