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collad 02-05-2019 09:46 AM

Voicemail pro
Hi Guys,

Using voicemail pro on server edition and trying to send the call to an external number.

Tried to put in the external number call cuts off.

tried to point to short code which was dial and my number. call cuts off

pointed to user extension and forwarded the extension. call goes to voicemail.

Any advice on how i get this call to and external party from the transfer widget on vmail pro?



markgallagher 02-05-2019 01:02 PM

What call?

The IP Office system has a various external/forward transfer restriction which are all on by default. If you're trying to use Voicemail Pro to reroute an external call back out those restrictions will still apply.

So starting point would be can you manually transfer the same calls back off switch.

thiel2 02-06-2019 08:51 AM

Check System > Telephony > Telephony and see if "Inhibit Off-Switch Forward/Transfer" is checked

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