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yoshi10 02-22-2015 12:57 PM

Nortel 1140e, SIP headers, alert-info unknown to the intenet.
Dear Avaya and dear Nortel engineers,

Last year I bought 5 Nortel 1140e phones to use at my home from someone.
I was very happy and installed SIP firmware on them and got them working with my FreePBX installation.

However I discovered that the paging and intercom is not working correctly with this phone.
It hangs up and doesn't work.

On my search to find the right alert-info headers, I discovered more and more people having trouble with this and not being able to setup the paging and intercom with their SIP PBX.

For example here,

Noone knows the right sip alert-info headers,

So last year I made a topic, at this website, http://community.freepbx.org/t/freep...s-paging/24875

But as noone knows there, I was advised to ask here... maybe some old Nortel engineer or Avaya engineer knows the right alert-info headers, to make my phone use the auto-answer / paging ./ intercom function once again on SIP.

Let these phones not get any more dust but let me use them, ;) Please provide me the Alert-info headers for the phone?


I have several Avaya IP Phone 1140E handsets that I would like to get working with Asterisk. The only help I need is the SIP headers so that I can use them for under-chin paging. Does anyone know the SIP Alert-Info: headers to make these phones auto answer for paging?"

Once someone that actually uses these phones tells you the information (which shouldn't be proprietary, I'd think) you can put it in the database and move on to the next wrinkle. Until you know the alert-info entry for your phone, you're never going to get this going

ankamath 07-22-2015 04:09 AM


I was looking for a way to make this work and it seems that this is only tested with CS1000 and SM. and I doubt if this has been tested further. however you can try and add the below into the config file to see if it works.


This parameter allows the IP Deskphone to belong to

a paging group. When a page group call is received, a
one-way speech path is created to the IP Deskphone,
and the IP Deskphone automatically goes to a
handsfree intercom state. This is used with the SCS
proxy. The default value is NO.
- YES intercom/paging functionality is enabled.
- NO intercom/paging functionality is disabled

Amith K

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