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taylorsherman 09-25-2014 07:09 AM

Voicemail Pro - Email not working for single user
About a month ago I experienced an issue where one users voicemail was landing in the wrong mailbox. This issue was fixed by our vendor; the resolution was removing the account and extension and recreating it.

Since then the account has been fine. Yesterday I was asked to enable voicemail to email for this same account. I have triple checked that the settings and address are correct, however messages are not being emailed. Noting of course that this is working for all of the other users.

Is there anywhere within the system status app or voicemailpro app that I can trace the actions being taken. Or log files perhaps? Has anyone every experienced similar issues?

thiel2 09-25-2014 11:25 AM

Here's a comprehensive page on troubleshooting Voicemail Pro

taylorsherman 09-25-2014 12:47 PM

Definitely helpful. Decoding the log is the tricky bit.

I don't see any reference to email in a working example or with my broken user in the logs during the voicemail procedure. Also, nothing that looks like an error listed during the procedure in the logs.

I even turning on the SMTP option for the TRACE of which there is no reference in the log.

Does it not actually capture the portion of the procedure for sending the email?

I completed a packet capture for a working account and compared it to the non-working account. The capture for the working account clearly shows SMTP traffic from the VMPRO server to our mail server, the capture for the non-working account does not.

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