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pache5 07-02-2015 01:54 PM

IPOCC- Web Chat
Which are the requirements foy I have webchat services in a web page?

How is the configuration in web page? What code i need?
Is need the server XMPP?

Thanks ,

marquardt 07-02-2015 10:26 PM

Requirements WebChat
  • XMPP Server (Open Fire, Prosody, ejabbered)
  • HTTP Server with JSP or PHP (for testing the IPOCC Tomcat can be used)
  • WebChat example is available under IPOCC in Folder Examples/Chat Examples
  • How to in Folder Examples/Chat Examples in WebChatAPpExample_Step_by_Step.pdf
  • Internet Explorer for testing
  • Configured IPOCC for Chat (Topic, AG, Agent, Chat Server, Chat Taskserver, TaskFlow, Chat scripts)

pache5 07-03-2015 07:28 AM


Can run the XMPP server in the server IPOCC?
In the web page- The administrator in the web page must make on section for the web chat? (the page must is with JSP o PHP)


marquardt 07-05-2015 11:59 PM

XMPP Server on IPOCC Server and Chat Example
It is possible to use an XMPP Server (example Open Fire) on the IPOCC Server.

Chat examples (IPOCC) for JSP and for PHP are available.

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