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shrumw 01-11-2018 12:07 PM

Can't remove carriers from G650 Cabinet
I'm trying to remove some unused carriers in one of our G650 cabinets. When I try to remove the circuit packs by having my tech back them out of the carrier one at a time, then I delete them from the carrier, but when I try to execute the command, it gives me a data conflict and won't process the command. I have remove all translations from all of the packs but it still won't let me remove them. Anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks, Bill

shrumw 01-11-2018 12:36 PM

I solved my own problem, you must first back out all the circuit packs in the carrier. Then do a list config carrier, you will see the circuit packs gone. The power supplies will still remain however, you then must delete the power supplies, then you can do a change cabinet and change the carrier to not-used. Let me know if anyone has any questions?
Thanks, Bill

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