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adrianchurchill 12-11-2014 02:31 AM

SBC-E Management Interface
Hi all,
I am looking for a way to find out the management interface subnet and default gateway on an Avaya SBC. I am having problems contacting the M1 interface accross the corp LAN. Can connect okay on a direct cable.

From CLIPCS prompt I can get the ip address of the interface but not subnet or default gateway.

If I am unsuccessful, and I have to rebuild the SBC, is it possible to restore the config from a previous back up?

Thanks in advance.


mlombardi1 12-12-2014 08:25 AM

Never understood why this isn't visible in the web interface. Even the new 6.3 version hides it.

From the command line, execute: ip route

This will display M1's (eth5 on a Dell R210 II) default gateway and subnet in slash notation.

A backup can be generated from the web interface and saved, but it can only be restored on a box that has already been provisioned with the same management IP address. You're probably screwed if you don't know the associated subnet and GW.

Fix this already Avaya.

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