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grazi4 01-15-2015 12:43 PM

CCR Wallboard - Calls Waiting always shows as 0
Hello All,

I am looking for some help on where to start my search for the reason Calls Waiting does not change from 0 when calls are in queue.

I have added an image below for reference:


The Lost Calls is another issue....

Thanks in advance for any help.

Edit: I am using IP Office Customer Call Reporter Build 12

grazi4 01-19-2015 07:31 AM

Update for anyone who has the same issue, The issue has been resolved, it appeared to be because of a failed update for SQL server. Calls Waiting and Lost calls issue were all resolved.

bennylu 01-20-2015 09:29 PM

I am having the same issue. How did you find out it was SQL server issue and did you just reboot the SQL to fix the issue?

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