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stalm 02-27-2019 11:28 AM

Calling an extended preset for camera on XT 5000
I am trying to call extended presets on codec XT 5000 with control
from IP (port 55003).
Connection to codec is OK (initizlizing comand gives correct answer):

PC: \aa\aa\00\00\00\08AT[&IPV\r
CODEC: \aa\aa\00\00\00AT[<IP400\04DXT5000-\r\aa\aa\00\00\00\03OK\r

When i an trying to call a standart preset, everything all right, and
camera moving to required position:

PC: \aa\aa\00\00\00\0cAT[&SF01051\r
CODEC: \aa\aa\00\00\00\03OK\r

But when i am trying to call an extended preset, codec resets
connection (after sending command connection will be lost):

PC: \aa\aa\00\00\00\0cAT[&SF010B001\r
Why is this happening? what am I doing wrong?
Codec firmware:
Using camera: Avaya Scopia XT Deluxe Camera

gaddes 08-30-2019 04:59 AM

Hi Stalm,

we do not have any issues in inviting the XT, we need to look at the logs to find the cause for the issue, could you please open an Service request from support.avaya.com

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