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gcording 07-05-2013 07:00 AM

AAM 6.1 can the "Please Call Back" be removed from Info Mailbox
Hi All
Just setup an Info Mailbox on AAM 6.1 and was shocked to hear the System Announcement "Please call back" added to the end of the Information Message recorded by the mailbox owner.

The context of the Information message was "Thank you for calling xyz this line is no longer in use please call our new number xxxx thank you".

When the caller reaches the info Mailbox they hear the information greeting as above but them AAM adds an annoying system announcement "Please call again, thank you, good bye" at the end which is out of context for the function of the info Mailbox.

Can that system message be removed from the Info Mailbox, I cant find any option to remove it?

Thanks Greg

sheasley 10-02-2013 01:31 PM

Prompt Change
Prompt changes are discouraged because language pack update will commonly overwrite edits during upgrades.

The better solution is to use a Caller Application to process this call flow instead of an informational mailbox. Caller Applications will text to speech written prompts or you can record a prompt for them to play, and will disconnect cleanly without additional system prompts.

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