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succession 07-19-2012 05:43 AM

IPO with Call Center and Activitycode during the call
Wer are in the lass steps to sell a IP Office with Call Center to a customer.

The customer want to now if it possible to use activitycodes during th call for mesurements to clarif which question was ask thhe agent


If a call arrived a agent the agent must be able to dial some digit from his phone to clarify the issue of the call

as a excample

Call arrived agent dial 1111 for franchise
or 1112 for Hotel
or xxxx

Is it possibel the setup this codes and is it possible to get reports for this reason

The customer want to have round about more than 100 differt codes

Thanks for help

mkumarpandey 08-29-2012 09:33 PM

Hi Succession,
This is not achievable however you can try workaround.
1. Create multiple Queues as per your need.
2. Use VMPro call flows and get some inputs from customer to decide which Queue he should be forwarded to, and from Vmpro direct the call to right Queue.
3. With this, you only need to run CCR reports for your Queues without any reason codes and at the same time your call classification is automated.

Thank you

pdgavin 09-02-2012 05:36 PM

IPO with Call Center and Activitycode during the call
Actually I have had people ask this very question to me and Account Codes anc CCR or Call Accounting software are what I told them to use.

The maximum number of account codes on an IP Office is 1000 or you can use wild cards. For example one single account code of * would mean any number and any number of characters up to 15 can be entered or an account code of ??????????????? would be anything 15 digits long from 000000000000000 to 999999999999999 but it would have to be 15 characters since you have 15 question marks. You can specify up to 1000 unique account codes and the advantage of having specific account codes is that it does not allow you to enter a non-legitimate account code. Even if you use question marks it will at least make sure you have the correct number of digits for example if you had ??? it would allow anthing from 000 to 999 but would not allow 1 or 11 or 1111 etc. Account codes are normally used for billing purposes. Lawyers use them every time they talk to a customer and at the end of the month the know how many minutes they spoke to someone for billing purposed but people do use them to indicate what a call is about too as you suggested.

Account codes are normally entered during the call with a button on the phone:

Entering Account Codes
The method for entering account codes depends on the type of phone being used. Refer to the relevant telephone User's Guide for details.
Account Code Button
The Account Code Entry action (User | Button Programming | Emulation | Account Code Entry) and Set Account Code action (User | Button Programming | Advanced | Set | Set Account Code) can be assigned to a programmable button on some phones. They both operate the same. The button can be preset with a specific account code or left blank to request account code entry when pressed. The button can then be used to specify an account code before a call or during a call.

They can also be entered during the call in the one-X Portal:

Adding an account code and a subject

You can also add the account code and subject to a call.
You need a valid account code to make external calls.
To add the subject and account code for a call:
1. Click More.
2. Type the subject in the Subject of call field.
The system displays the subject in the call details section. If you are calling an internal contact, the system displays the subject on the phone or in the one-X Portal for IP Office call display.
3. Type the account code in the Account Code field.
The system adds the account code in the Call log after the call.
4. Click OK.

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