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olivim 02-25-2014 10:03 AM

4548GT-PWR boot problem
Hello all,

We have an 4548GT-PWR RLS 12 that was part of a stack (3 more switchs). It was working but now don't boot anymore :confused: , and was removed from the stack. We're trying to diagnose the problems connecting to it by the serial interface but don't show any kind of information.

What can we do to try to make it boot again :)?

Thanks for your help.

rameshng 03-06-2014 10:44 PM

Have u tried rebooting while the console kept connected?
This should show u some booting sequence.

Whats the LED status in the switch?

vdela 05-22-2014 12:05 PM

Boot problem
Hi!!! I have problem with one 4548GT AVAYA SWITCH i connect to the console port but do not show me any information. The switch is "ok" because i have attach two computers in the same network for example one have and the other and the have ping. I reset the switch with the CLI console conected and i do not have any information :(

But i want to chance the IP and i do not have any information in the CLI and the default ip "" do not work. Can you help me?? Thanks

whitt26 05-30-2014 11:54 AM

similar issue
So I was having a similar issue will a few of my ERS 4500 series switches. On some of them I noticed the stacking cables went bad. I found this out by logging into the base switch and typing:
"show stack health"

It should show you if the stacking cables can see another device. Try replacing them with known good ones.

Another issue I have found is the auto-save feature is basically garbage. Sometimes it would fail/be corrupt and upon a restart it wouldn't load properly. Since then I have disabled this feature and ensured I saved the configuration manually. Haven't see this specific problem since.

Also, check to see if your stack recognizes that there are the right amount of switches. Type:
#"show stack-monitor"
ensure to change this with:
(config)# stack-monitor stack-size [number of switches]

If you have a syslog server, look for a "bsnStackConfiguationError" trap. I got my server throwing alarms every time it sees this message and it happens more than I expected. It means a switch in the stack didn't boot up properly, normally because the stack master booted up a little slower than the rest.

I am not an Avaya professional, but I hope this can give you some direction to head towards.

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