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brown599 01-16-2014 10:39 AM

Multiple 5610 stuck on Discover
Hi there,

Recently a bunch of our 5610's are stuck on the 'Discover From my troubleshooting, I've found that the phones are not routing VLANs correctly, only after booting up.

Let me explain... Phones are on VLAN2, DHCP server is on VLAN0. During the phone bootup, it's getting a valid IP from the DHCP server meaning routing is working correctly at that time. It pulls the files from the file server, then gets stuck on the TFTP window until that times out. After that, it gets stuck on the discover screen.

To verify it's a routing issue, I'm able to ping the phone IP from VLAN2, but not able to ping from VLAN0, where the IPO resides. This explains the Discover message, but doesn't explain why the phones won't route after boot-up.

Any one have any ideas and/or troubleshooting steps I could try?


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