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moran4 06-20-2012 07:41 AM

Is anyone else lost when trying to find information about products with new names?
First of all, Avaya's marketing department has lost it's mind. They TRULY have to quit re-naming and re-branding every product every six months. I'm completely lost at times trying to figure out which product is in the upgrade path of the product I have. (I swear they're like a bunch of three year olds constantly renaming their stuffed animals!)

PLEASE do what you can to connect the dots. If the upgrade path of IP agent is One-X agent, (Or now the Avaya Aura agent desktop.... see above.) then just create a page for for the most recent product and re-direct all IP agent searches to that new page.

It's not that hard to create a single support page for the current supported product, and show it's history... is it????

mmmackin 06-20-2012 12:25 PM

Hi moran4:

Your complaint is completely valid as far as providing a way to "connect the dots." We do have the capability in the Product page to search and display products by synonyms, common names, and legacy names. For example if you type in "Communication Manager" or even "CM" in the product landing page, it will automatically point you to the Avaya Aura Communication Manager product page and display Communication Manager next to the Also Known As field: http://support.avaya.com/products/P0001/avaya-aura-communication-manager/6.2.x

We also have the capability to display messages when certain releases are no longer sold, manufactured, or supported, and provide you with links to a recommended upgrade path. For example: http://support.avaya.com//products/P0553/9600-series-ip-deskphones/H.323%202.0.x

We are just in the process of working with our Product House to leverage these capabilities by getting a complete list of recommended upgrade paths and adding those links to our product pages.

Because Avaya is a healthy, evolving company, product names will inevitably change through it's long, successful history of servicing the communication industry. If there are legacy names that we are not revealing in our Product search or hub pages, please let us know and we will add.


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